Lake Zurich
Lake Zurich
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Massage Lake Zurich

Primary Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Physical:relaxes nervous system; increases blood and lymph fluid circulation; reduces pain and swelling; boosts the immune system; promotes healing...and more

Mental:reduces stress; increases energy flow; increases capacity for clearer thinking...and more

Emotional:promotes calmness; creates uplifting sense of harmony and well-being; reduces anxiety; increases awareness of body and mind...and more

What is Cellulite?

Not processed fatty tissue trapped in shrinking connective tissue (imagine ravioli) causing that "cottage cheese/orange peel/bumpy" look on thighs, hips, etc. Women's and men's layers of "fatty tissue" respond differently to exercise & diets. In women, deep layers of fat respond to diet & exercise, but the superficial "outer layer" DOES NOT. Cellulite also does not respond to creams, pills or even surgical procedures such as liposuction.

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Massage Lake Zurich
Massage Lake Zurich
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